11-15 September 2019


Autokemp Pod Cisarem, Ostrov 10, 403 36, Czech Republic

This beautiful valley in the Bohemian region of Czech Republic is quite off the beaten path, and with stunning, fairy-tale like forests and a quaint village on a dead-end road, it is unforgettable. There is a lake for swimming, multiple paths and trails, and the basecamp of the meeting is held at the village’s only restaurant, pub and campsite called Pod Cisarem. Expect other campers to be there if the weather is good, and the pub to be lively every evening.

The weather is unpredictable in the Autumn, and some Septembers boast an “Indian Summer,” with golden light and warm temperatures, however it is just as likely that it can rain and be cold at this time of year, so come prepared for everything.

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Travel Recommendations


Google Map This:

Autokemp Pod Císařem
Ostrov 10
403 36 Tisá
Tschechische Republik


Take a train to Usti Nad Labem (costs less than 10 euro). Walk 6 minutes to the bus stop Divadlo, and take bus 452 to Tisa/Sneznik (bus costs 30 czk WITH a backpack). Bus comes once an hour. Get out and walk 45 minutes through the forest path to Kemp Ostrov (you can see it on google maps) the path is easiest to locate at the Turisticka Chata (big house on the curve of the road with flowers in the windows) OR hitchhike the last few kilometers by staying on the road.


Fly to Prague, take a bus into the city to reach the main train station, Hlavni Nadrazi, and then follow instructions for Train.


Dresden is the closest big city on the German side. You can hitchhike towards Prague, and get out at the exit for TISA. Make sure you communicate this before you cross the border because there is no petrol station there, just a roundabout. Check on google maps for the rest of the route. If you miss the exit, go all the way to Usti Nad Labem and take the bus to Tisa. If coming from Prague, check website for several options.

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The WHM is sponsored with a beautiful communal house to share, which is located just next to the Pod Cisarem restaurant and campsite. The house is complete with a fully equipped kitchen, living room, fireplace, outdoor fire pit, and two bathrooms. The beds available are first come first serve, however there is ample room to bivy on the floor, and even more space in the surrounding garden to put a tent or a hammock. Attendees are welcome to share the refrigerator and kitchen, though the restaurant next door will have plenty of delicious and affordable options for those who want to support the local economy (and the business that is sponsoring us our lodging!)

Though the house is large, is does exceed capacity during the Meeting and this year we are asking attendees to distribute their showering between the house and the campsite next door, which is a one minute walk away. There will be a map in the house to show new attendees where the other bathrooms and showers are located.  Of course the bathrooms in the house are open to use, but please consider your water usage since you will be sharing the space with at least 60 other women. There is a washing machine on the premises but we do ask that if it is not urgent that you save your washing for less impacted plumbing.

What to Bring



Personal Anchor (like daisy chain/sling)

Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Bag


Grigri and/or Ascender


Water Bottle

Personal Food/Snacks

Rain Jacket




Ear Plugs

Musical Instruments


Local Services


The nearest village is Tisa, Czech Republic. The shop here is minimal, and it is best to go a little farther for a real grocery store. Please note that there are no stores in the Ostrov valley. The restaurant Pod Cisarem, adjacent to the communal house does provide various delicious meals at affordable prices and they do accept Euro’s.

Usti Nad Labem

Driving distance: 25 minutes. Walk to Tisa. Catch the bus 452 to Usti Nad Labem Hlavni Nadrazi (main train station). From here you can go to stores such as Billa, Globus or Kaufland. (add map marked with stores here)


Driving distance: 25 minutes. A bit harder to get to, Decin involves hitchhiking or walking to Sneznik and taking a bus into the city. From there you can access stores within walking distance like Tesco, Billa and a small Organic shop.


All funds from the meeting go directly back into the meeting. This is a non-profit event.

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