The WHM is always in need of helping hands to make it happen! 

Volunteer positions we look for each year: 

  • Rigging - Knowledgeable riggers who are comfortable using ropes and basic climbing techniques to access the towers, all natural rigging and protecting the fragile sandstone, and making sure the lines are safe. 

  • Highline Security - Rotating positions of knot-checkers and Highline Rigging checkers. Must have solid knowledge of figure-eight knots and at least an intermediate understanding of highline rigging.

  • Administrative Positions - Help with checking people into the festival, general information, keeping the house cleaned and stocked with supplies, communicating with the sponsors etc. (knowledge of Czech language a huge plus).

  • Workshops and Classes - While the WHM is not able to officially coordinate and add workshops and classes to the program at this time, any independent attendee's who wish to offer them are welcome to schedule workshops during the meeting and post their own notice in the communal house.

To inquire about volunteering at this year's festival, please send us an email through our contact form!