Event Schedule

August 28-29, Monday, Tuesday - Rigging Team Installs Highlines

August 30, Wednesday - First day of Festival - Attendees check in, receive wrist band, then Highline Highline Highline

August 31st, Thursday - Highlining!

September 1st, Friday - Highlining, then Boulder the Table Competition in the Pub

September 2nd, Saturday - Highlining

September 3rd, Sunday - Highlining and De-rigging!

September 4th, Monday - Everyong out of house, clean, tearful goodbyes

Map of Camp




August 30th - September 3rd, 2023


Autokemp Pod Cisarem, Ostrov 10, 403 36, Czech Republic

Getting There:

By Car - 1.5 hours north of Prague, CZ. 40 minutes south of Dresden, DE. 3.5 hours south of Berlin, DE.
By Train - Train to Usti Nad Labem, followed by bus 452 to Tisa.
By Plane - Fly to Prague or Berlin, then follow other transportation advice.
By Hitchhiking - You can do it! Alternatively, you can organize rideshares with other women attending.


You do not need to bring a tent, but you DO NEED A sleeping pad and sleeping bag. We will be staying all together in a large house called Himmelreich, like the last festivals. If you prefer to camp, please bring your own tent, there is a large garden with space for tents, hammocks etc.
There are limited beds in the house, and they are reserved for volunteers, and after that they are first come first serve. There is lots of floor space for sleeping pads, it's basically a giant slumber party.
The house has a kitchen, two bathrooms, two showers. There will be a lot of people in one house, so please be considerate of each other, clean up after yourself, and utilize the campsite next door for additional bathrooms and showers. The campsite has showers, laundry, sinks and a kitchen, and it is encouraged to use the campsite facilities.

What to Bring: 

Harness, Sling with Carabiner (i.e. personal anchor system for clipping into highline anchors) Hiking shoes, Sleeping Pad, Sleeping bag, Water Bottle, Rain Jacket, Layers (weather can be hot, wet, cold, or moderate). Swimsuit, personal items, snacks.

Optional: Climbing gear, Music Instruments, Costumes

Where to Shop:

The nearest village is Tisa, Czech Republic. The shop here is minimal, and it is best to go a little farther for a real grocery store. Please note that there are no stores in the Ostrov valley.

Usti Nad Labem

Driving distance: 25 minutes. Walk to Tisa. Catch the bus 452 to Usti Nad Labem Hlavni Nadrazi (main train station). From here you can go to stores such as Billa, Globus or Kaufland.


Driving distance: 25 minutes. A bit harder to get to, Decin involves hitchhiking or walking to Sneznik and taking a bus into the city. From there you can access stores within walking distance like Tesco, Billa and a small Organic shop.