Why Women Only? 

Think of it this way: If there were twenty or thirty men highlining on some cliffs, would anyone walk up to them and ask why there are only men?   

One of the most notable differences in a scenario where it is only women is that there is no competitive energy present. The atmosphere is supportive, encouraging, and women respond to seeing other women do things. It truly encapsulates the word 'empowering.'  

Perhaps one day the gender of Highliners will even out and designating a meeting for women only will seem outdated, but until that happens it is a necessary space to hold.

The Meeting aims to cultivate independence and sharing. It is peer-to-peer encouragement, leash checking and knot tying, taking turns on the line and supporting one another that makes this meeting special. There is no staff to babysit every attendee, and that encourages each woman to make friends, bridge international gaps and learn from one another.